Medical Malpractice Litigation

When a medical professional is negligent and causes an injury to a patient, the results can be tragic and devastating to the patient as well as to his or her family. If the patient becomes permanently disabled, it can have an impact on family life in many ways that go beyond the patient’s own pain and suffering. These include a loss of the patient’s ability to earn income for the family, physical impairment and mental distress. Often the family requires a housekeeper or housekeeping services for a period of time.

These are difficult claims and we vigorously pursue them on behalf of our clients. We work with experts to determine whether the doctor or other medical professional is at fault, and if that can be determined we take steps to initiate and prove the claim on behalf of our client. Once a claim is filed, we consult with doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, economists and accountants to help our client, and his or her family, understand the value of the services and amenities that have been lost.

We have successfully prosecuted many such claims through the court system and have settled many more.

Our lawyers in Medical Malpractice Litigation

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