The talent and fresh perspectives of Bishop & McKenzie students fascinate and inspire us.

When hiring students, we look for enthusiastic, skilled and compatible people. But it’s never just for an articling position. We sincerely hope that our articling students become our associates—and ultimately our partners. This is rarely a short-term opportunity.

The education and development of our students is something we take seriously. If we accept you as an articling student, your workload will be reasonable. In all things, we believe in balance—because a balanced life is key to a satisfying, productive and successful career.

With your articling position, you will be assigned to a principal responsible for your mentorship and ensuring you experience various files from the firm’s practice. From sitting in on questioning for a medical malpractice file to assisting in preparing closing documents in a commercial transaction, or handling residential real estate files on your own, our students receive a well-rounded understanding of the entire firm.

This isn’t a sit-back-and-observe opportunity.

When you work with us, you receive first-hand experience and encouragement to pursue areas that interest you. Bishop & McKenzie students meet with clients, amassing responsibility and experience until they can handle legal problems on their own.

It’s a particular point of pride that our students often remark how their work here is both more advanced and more practical than what their classmates receive at other firms.

Bishop & McKenzie Articling FAQs

Here are the questions we most frequently receive regarding articling at Bishop & McKenzie. If you have a question that you don’t see answered on this page, please get in touch.

How many students do you hire?

We usually hire two students each year.

What benefits are included?

We provide:

  • Dental, extended medical, life insurance and maternity benefits
  • Two weeks’ paid vacation during student articles
  • Fees for Bar Admission courses, articling admission, Canadian Bar Association and local Bar Association memberships

What is your hire-back ratio?

We hire two students and expect that both students will remain with the firm as associates. Our retention rate for students is very high.

Does the firm give days off for CPLED?

Our policy is to allow our students to manage their own time for CPLED, and to give it as much time and attention as they need. Having a set CPLED day can cause problems if the student is busy on that day. We think our students should manage their CPLED assignments as they would any other file and take the time that they need to complete their assignments. The firm takes our student’s CPLED studies seriously and wants to give our students all the support they need to complete their assignments.

Does your firm do second interviews as part of the interview process?

We will often invite strong candidates for at least a second meeting of some sort. This second meeting can take the form of a second informal interview with different members of our firm, a luncheon or dinner with a group of candidates or a reception at our offices. We strive to tailor our second interview process to suit the strong candidate’s availability. The second meeting is in a more relaxed, social atmosphere.

Do you have billable hour expectations for students?

While we expect our students to keep track of their time (as this is an important skill to learn) we do not have billable hour expectations for our students.

Bishop & McKenzie Summer Student FAQs

Student Experience

There is no formal rotation over the summer. Instead, students tackle a variety of work and assignments from all areas of our practice. This is a great way to see what articling for the firm is like. We invite our students to attend legal proceedings and client meetings. When you’re a summer student at Bishop & McKenzie, you’ll gain valuable experience in advocacy and client relations.


At the end of your summer experience at Bishop & McKenzie, we’ll provide you with a formal evaluation. However, throughout your time here, you’ll receive ongoing feedback from the lawyers mentoring you.


What are your future goals? How will you get there? Bishop & McKenzie summer students work under an assigned mentor and meet throughout the term to discuss their paths to success.

Social Activities

As part of experiencing the firm atmosphere, we invite our summer students to our firm’s formal and informal functions. Summer students also assist the articling students in planning our Summer Party, a family friendly event for staff and lawyers.

Salary and Benefits

Bishop & McKenzie summer students receive a compensation package competitive with other mid-sized Edmonton firms.