Bishop & McKenzie opened for business in 1903, two years before Alberta joined Confederation.

Edmonton was a young city, ripe with opportunity. Edward Thomas Bishop saw that. After studying law at Osgoode Hall in Toronto and being admitted to the Bar of Ontario in 1902, Bishop first opened our doors by developing a specialty in company law—a rarity for a sole practitioner in Edmonton at the time.

Right from the beginning, Bishop’s practice was dedicated to excellence and delivering results for his clients. It is the foundation on which our legacy resides.

As Bishop worked, his son took notice. Over the years, Edward (Ted) Eversley Bishop saw his father masterfully take on challenges to the benefit of his clients. The honesty and integrity behind his father’s work eventually inspired Ted to join the firm in 1938. But that would be short lived.

Ted was called to war in 1939. He proudly served in the military until 1946. A year later, he inherited the firm from his father. The 1950s came and brought a renewed sense of optimism, opportunity and style, and in 1952, Ted and his good friend, Ken McKenzie, became partners under the new name Bishop, Bishop & McKenzie.

Five years prior, Leduc No.1 had been discovered. Alberta’s new oil industry was booming. The two partners’ work revolved heavily around it. But by the end of the 1950s, the company diversified, representing firms and entrepreneurs of the mining industry as well. In the 1960s, the firm established a litigation department gaining respect of industry peers and colleagues with their success and sharp understanding of the law. By 1974, now with one less Bishop in the name, Bishop & McKenzie was a well-known and well-regarded broad-based corporate commercial law firm. In 1988, the Calgary office opened, and business expanded province wide.

We’ve grown over the years.

When times have changed, we’ve adapted. We’ve always sought out new perspectives and we’ve always delighted in our clients’ success. Many of our firm’s early clients have become leading players on national and international stages. We’re proud of that. And even though we’ve grown and adapted immensely since our humble beginnings in 1903, our focus on cooperative, client-focused solutions has not. It is ingrained in the very essence of who we are.

Much of the inspiration that led to the opening of our doors all those years ago still reverberates within our offices today. We’re grateful to work with a wide variety of individuals, local and national companies, financial institutions, municipalities, foreign investors and business people operating throughout the province. What binds us is a sincere dedication to making Alberta strong as we continue to grow together.