Our Approach

Client-Focused and Full-Service

At Bishop & McKenzie, we believe in a co-operative approach to problem solving. We work with you to meet your objectives, and as a full-service firm covering many areas of practice, we use all the resources at our disposal. This creates synergies that connect the right people with the right ideas.

With our client-focused philosophy, we strive to understand your concerns and to anticipate your needs. We evaluate the consequences of every decision, and consider all possible solutions to every problem. By harnessing all of our firm's resources, we’re able to provide you with valuable insight and to assist you in choosing the right course.

Our lawyers work in teams. This enables the supervising lawyer handling your issue to assign specific tasks to the most appropriate lawyer, in terms of both ability and hourly rate. Our approach produces the highest quality work in the most timely fashion, and at the least possible expense.

Whether it’s drafting legal documents, completing a complex commercial transaction, or litigating on your behalf, our approach remains the same: by working together, we are able to see further.